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Jupe Jangle Here

What’s a Jangle?

The bank is the last stop on your financial journey, where you’ll play a game that tests the mind and lassos your memory... Tip your hat, say a prayer, and try your prospecting luck! Watch the three green cowboy hats move around... Do you remember which one the hidden Jangle lies under? Sure hope so if you’re minded to earn the Jupe Jangle of your dreams and abandon your pauper status!

Everything in this town is worth either one, two or three Jangle®️. It all depends on what you got from the jump. Your destiny in this here spit of dirt all lies in how much you prospected. To make sure you get the economy straight here’s a handy cheat sheet:

1 = Jangle
2 = Jingle Jangle
3 = Jingle Jangle Jingle

DISCLAIMER: Jupiters Claim is in no way affiliated with the “Kid Sheriff” franchise.

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