General Store
Whether you’re looking for chewing gum, new boots for the cowpokes, or limited edition memorabilia from your new favorite amusement park, I got you covered. Your money is accepted here.
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Prospectin’ Shirt
Show your friends that you struck gold, had a blast, and spent your bottom Jangle at the General Store with this unforgettable t-shirt. This poly-cotton blend won’t cling when the temperature breaks 100, I can guaran-tee that. (Wash cold and tumbleweed low)
Jupe’s Commemorative Plate
A cowboy’s can’t eat his franks and beans out of his hat, now can he? Remember your day at Jupiter’s Claim with this iconic, limited edition, commemorative plate. In fact, buy a whole set and dine in style with your whole entourage!
JC Cowboy hat
Now choose wisely, because we all know that the right hat makes the cowboy! You’re gonna really want to plunk down serious Jangle to make sure you ride off into the sunset in style. Heck, for just a few more Jangle, I’ll even sign it for you! 
Exclusive: Signed by Jupe
Signed Posters
Memories from your best day ever can be yours to take home. Hang it up on the wall—in the bedroom, in the kitchen, or over the fireplace and really make a statement. I hand sign them, myself!
Signed Headshot
No actor worth his weight in Jangle would leave home without a headshot. But now, you can have mine forever. Signed and numbered. If you catch me on a sunny day, I’ll even personalize it!
It ended...
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